Lauching The Codpast

Dyslexics are some of the most creative thinkers in our society. Apple, Virgin and IKEA are just some examples of what a dyslexic state of mind can conceive. A lot of the time mainstream media concentrates on the negative side of dyslexia. The problems we have with reading, the challenges with our spelling and the sieve that is our memories. There’s the odd story about Richard Branson and Jaime Oliver but on the whole, in my experience, to the mainstream Dyslexia still means dumb.

When I tell people that Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Winston Churchill and even Albert Einstein are dyslexic they are generally shocked. The relationship between Dyslexia and high achievement don’t seem to be obvious links in the minds of the general public.

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This lack of positive coverage and understanding of Dyslexia is what prompted me to create The Codpast. The Codpast is a brand new online hub for all things creative, cool, fun and dyslexic. Primarily The Codpast is a monthly podcast where guests share their inspirational stories, give tips and advice on coping strategies and share their views on why and how being a right brained thinker in a left brained world has helped them excel. As well as the podcast there’s also a website and blog filled with news stories, articles and videos that promote the huge contribution the dyslexic community has made to the world we know.

So what do I hope to achieve with the Codpast? I would like the Codpast to be a place where people come to hear compelling stories and interesting ideas, but above all, I hope The Codpast will be a place where dyslexics and non-dyslexics alike come to be entertained.

When I tell people that I am dyslexic the general reaction is, “Does that mean you’re a slow reader and mix your letters up?” My ultimate hope is that through the awareness raised by The Codpast, at some point in the near future when I proudly proclaim I’m Dyslexic, the reaction I receive will be more like, “Wow! You must have some great ideas.”

The Codpast team has been working for months to get the site and shows ready for our launch. We now want the world to enjoy the content we’ve created. To do this we need your help. Please share the show with everyone you think will have an interest in the podcast and blog. You can also join us, share and re-tweet our posts on Facebook and Twitter. Finally please download our shows and listen to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. If you’re an iTunes user, one of the most effective ways you can help the show is to leave us a 5 star review.

We’d love to hear what you think of our content so please feel free to let us hear your views.

Happy listening, reading and watching.

Sean and the Codpast team.


3 thoughts on “Lauching The Codpast

  1. Ross Cooper says:

    HI Sean, Check out the Festival of Dyslexic Culture



  2. Great concept and much needed. I look forward to listening to the podcasts.


    Liked by 1 person

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