The Codpast Episode 5 Now Available!

Aakash Odedra

Episode 5 – The Missing ‘A’

Formal education was never quite the right fit for Aakash. His dyslexia,vivid imagination and urge to experience the world through more than just words, was never meant for the rigid school curriculum. So at the age of  15, Aakash packed his bags for a journey of self-discovery.

Away from his protective family home, Aakash was exposed to the harsh realities of life which helped shape the man, dancer and choreographer he has become today. This is a wonderful coming of age story with some interesting plot twists, best of all it’s 100% true.

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Find out more about Aakash:

Show Notes and Pictures

Rehearsing for his showcase


The trailer for his new dance showcase Murmur

For more news and views on dyslexia check out The Codpast, the Internets first Dyslexia Podcast. Listen Here

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3 thoughts on “The Codpast Episode 5 Now Available!

  1. Love this interview. I’ve been teaching dyslexic students for over 20 years and my son (now an adult) and husband are both dyslexic. They both talk about seeing things they want to do in a 3 dimensional way. Many of the students I have worked with and work with now also tell me the same thing. I also tell parents of my students that college isn’t for everyone.


  2. thecodpast says:

    Hi Terrie, thanks for listening to episode 5. The trailer for Episode 6 will be uploaded in the next few days and, even if I do say so myself, it is an epic show!

    If you are in the UK check out our events page as we have a list of dates when Aakash is performing. His show Murmur is a must see for any dyslexic.

    I’m really glad the show is reaching people and they are finding value in it. Please feel free to give me feedback on other shows as I would love to hear what you and your family think.




  3. empeck says:

    There’s a lot about Aakash’s story that resonates strongly with me. “The missing a” caught my attention the most, because I spelled my middle name, Sarah, without the h until I noticed it on my birth certificate when I went to get my state ID as a teenager.

    As always, great job with the show!

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