Dyslexia in the workplace Day 7


As Dyslexia Awareness Week finally comes to a close, I’m sure you will join me in thanking all those that contributed to this series of guest posts. I’d also like to say a massive thanks to Bitzy and Vanessa; two very cool Lexics that help out with, ‘The Codpast’. Without these two, ‘The Codpast’ would no way be as varied and as comprehensive a place to visit. Finally thanks to you guys for navigating to this blog everyday and leaving such lovely comments.

I guess I couldn’t end the week without a contribution from myself. An experience I had in the workplace, in many ways was the catalyst that brought ‘The Codpast’ into being. So I guess I should share this story with you as part of this series of posts.

I’m going to do this in a slightly different way than my other contributors. For my contribution I am gonna submit a video. I was recently ask to be the guest of honor at the Moat School in West London as part of their founders day celebrations. The Moat school is an independent school founded to nurture Dyslexic children that have struggled in main stream education. As well as sitting at the front of the event with the Head Mistress and giving out prizes, part of my duties involved given a speech! Up until that point I’d never given a speech in my life and this truly was a baptism of fire as there was almost 300 in the audience. The speech was recorded and although I cringe every time I watch the video I’m told that the speech went down pretty well.


Words by Sean Douglas

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