The Letters Project – January Pick

Our friends over at Dyspla, are always championing the great work of dyslexic writers. When looking through the great resources and content on their site I came across this cool project.

On their website Dyspla say, The Letters Project is our way of engaging with as many dyslexic writers from around the world as we can. We invite every dyslexic around the world to submit… This can be a letter, drawing, painting, poem, short story, or anything else that can be popped into an envelope.

The only requirements are that the work is original, handmade, and spell check is not allowed. Oh, and one more thing: if you’re writing a letter, they must all be handwritten.”

Each month we’re doing our bit to promote Dyslexic writing by showcasing some of our favorite letters from the project.

A Nice Reminder

This number is one that would probably make you smile, if you understand what is going on in this letter. As an aspiring writer, I myself find it fascinating. Not only does it fill your mind with fantastical worlds where “mermaids” exist, but it makes one wonder what is really going on inside another mind. To be honest, it is one of my favourites, because it makes no sense whatsoever.

002_Weird Poem

Click here to see all submissions for this project.

Curation and words by Vanessa Rocha our resident Lexic (or if you’re a film buff, you might want to check out her review blog Ereimul Reviews).

For more news and views on dyslexia check out The Codpast, the Internet’s best Dyslexia Podcast. Listen Here



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