March Audio Book Review


Listen to the audio version (contains audio extracts from the books) or read this blog. The choice is  yours.

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51W7gvXg+1LAmong the things my dyslexia affects is my ability to stay organised, remember things, and keep on schedule. One of the best methods I have found so far to cope with these issues is forming the right habits, so when I came across this book I was intrigued.

It turns out I’m not the only person who uses habit to compensate for the less competent parts of their brains, especially in the case of memory…and then there are always bad habits, which can derail people’s lives.

This book explains through fascinating case studies how habits form and affect real people, and how habits can be altered. I found it absolutely fascinating, and I’m sure it will inspire people with difficulties similar to my own to test ways of using habit to give them an advantage.

51+popHHebLThis one of my favourite books to recommend for teenage girls, and the start of a fabulous series. The best way I have found to describe it is Pride and Prejudice with the supernatural, and the sort of action you’d expect of a James Bond novel.

Set in an alternate Victorian London, where deadly apparitions are quite real, poor young Sophronia is sent off to finishing school to cure her unladylike ways. Certainly there are lessons on range of sophisticated and feminine subjects, but that’s not all the girls are being taught.

Mademoiselle Geraldine’s finishing school produces young ladies who are just as deadly as they are charming.

I don’t think you can help but be enchanted by the playful wit, daring ladies, and the descriptions of their beautiful outfits.

Did I say it was just for teenage girls? I’m sure there are plenty of people who left their teens behind some time ago who would fall just as in love with this book as I did.


This is my children’s pick for the month, but adults are also sure to enjoy this out of this world story of one father’s quest to bring home milk for his children.

It has everything; aliens, vampires, pirates, a time traveling dinosaur professor, and of course, milk.

It’s brilliant to see a dad being a hero for once, and involved in his children’s lives. The family interactions, especially the relationship between the brother and sister, are also wonderfully observed.

Full of adventure and humour, this is sure to help foster a love of stories.


Sarah FearnOur book reviews are written and read by Sarah Fearn, creator of Dysbooks

Sarah Fearn is a Bookseller and dyslexic writer. She graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in English, American Studies and Creative Writing in 2010. She began developing Dysbooks shortly afterwards. Dsybooks is an online resource for dyslexic adults with an interest in literature, and for those supporting younger dyslexics to develop a love of reading and writing for pleasure.

You can learn more about Sarah’s work at Dysbooks or follow her on Twitter or  Facebook.

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One thought on “March Audio Book Review

  1. Mandy Ward says:

    i read the ‘habit’ book on the way back from a business trip last year.

    A great read and very interesting how habits are so automatic and also what it takes to change them.

    The brain is so clever!

    It’s helping me think about and change habits. It’s not easy but it can be done.

    Liked by 1 person

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