April Audio Book Review

Listen to the audio version (contains audio extracts from the books) or read this blog. The choice is  yours.

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The Book ThiefSet in a time of war, we join our narrator as he tells the story of a young girl called Leisel.

Leisel is separated from her parents and lost her brother to the war. At the burial of her brother her life finds a new path when she steals a gravedigger’s instruction manual. Even though she can’t read, she develops a love of books, which is built upon by her adopted Father.

Leisel’s transformation into the book thief sees her risk everything for her love of books. What if she makes a noise whilst she’s stealing? What if she gets caught by the authorities? The narrator reveals the plot in such a way that puts butterflies in your stomach and makes your heart race. This is a story of strength, courage and determination. Strengths that many Dyslexics need to utilise on a daily basis.

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth – Chris HadfieldChris Hadfield knew from a very early age that he wanted to become an astronaut. From the day he sat in a crowded room watching the grainy black and white images of the moon landing, he knew. He knew from that day on everything he did would determine whether or not he too, would have a chance to experience that magical world with in the TV set.

Not only did he become an astronaut and spend over 4000 hours in space on the international space station. He became one of the most famous astronauts in the digital age. You may have seen Chris’s version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity filmed whilst he floats in zero gravity. But what you may have not heard about is the personal sacrifice, he, his wife and family had to make to realise his dream.

Chris’s story reinforces the fact that however far away your dreams may seem, with the right amount of determination and a clear goal, almost nothing is impossible.

Room on the Broom – Julia DonaldsonThis is a children’s story about a Witch who is asked ‘Is there room on the broom?’
Through a series of poems, we get to learn who gets to ask for and take a seat on the Witches broom.

It’s a singy-songy version of the story and Josie’s voice is perfect for each part of the poem, as she creates a different voice for every character. Although for kids I think anyone would enjoy listening to this story. It’s fun, engaging and very, very singy.

This month’s book review is written by Mandy Ward and read by Bethan Arundel.

Mandy Cassy

Mandy Ward is the author of, “The Advertures of Cassy Kindly and Her Friends’series of books”. Mandy lives in a small village in Leicestershire with her hubby, 21 goldfish and a growing list of characters from her books. www.cassykindly.co.uk



Bethan A

This month’s Bookbook was voiced by Bethan Arundel, fund raising administrator at Goodstory. Good Story helps young entrepreneurs in the UK turn their business ideas from a dream in to a reality. www.goodstory.org.uk


The Codpast is a multimedia production from www.extraordinaire.tv

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