The Codpast – Episode 12

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The Codpast Episode 12  – A Turning Point – Part 1

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From a young age it was clear that Dean Stalham had an aptitude for the creative side of life. But in the tough environment that Dean grew up, there was no place for art, and Dean slowly drifted into a life cycle of crime, drugs and prison. That was until he saw a play that reawakened the artist within him.

Dean now campaigns to raise awareness of the role art has to play in rehabilitation. He also continues to produce plays, scripts and artwork that have found there way on to screens, stages and into exhibition all over the world. Hear part one of his inspiring story.

This a clip of a screenplay writen by Dean and produced for Channel 4

This video clip contains strong language:

You can find more about Dean’s latest projects here:

Twitter: @asldino

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