If you value what we do here at The Codpast and the content that we create makes a valuable contribution to your day, week, month or life, please consider hitting the donate button.


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 I created this podcast and blog because I am passionate about raising the profile of Dyslexia in a fun and informative way.

We don’t get paid to do this and the production of the podcast, blog and videos is currently entirely self-funded.

So if you’d like to help The Codpast have a long and prosperous life, please consider making a one off or monthly donation for as  much as you see fit.


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If donating is not for you, that’s totally fine.

Another way you can help The Codpast is by spreading the word. We’d like the show to reach and inspire as many people as possible. You can helps us by sharing our content of Facebook and re-tweeting us on Twitter. Make ‘share’ you share posts on Facebook rather than ‘like’ them as this means more people see them.

Also tell your friends about the show and most importantly download and subscribe to The Codpast on iTunes. While you’re there, please leave us a 5 star review.

I’d like to give a huge pre-emptive thanks to all those who donate or help us spread the word, as with out you at some point The Codpast will cease to exist.





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