Episode 2 – Dyslexia and Mental Health


Trev Crop

Episode 2 – Dyslexia and Mental Health: Trev Williams

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In this episode musician and music teacher Trev William shares the story of his battles with dyslexia and the psychotic episodes, that he believes, his dyslexia played a part in. After a long battle with mental health, through share determination and helped by his passion for music and song writing Trev is now running a successful music tuition business and looking forward  to a bright future.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Dyslexia and Mental Health

  1. Carla says:

    My daughter was told at 17 she was Dyslexic,she struggled at school,she tried so hard,she got angry as she could not understand why she could not do things. After several college courses she dropped out of, she is now doing business management and doing very well, she may take longer to grasp something but she is determined.
    She has realised being Dyslexic doesn’t mean she’s dumb she just has to work harder.


    • thecodpast says:

      Thanks for sharing your daughters story, finding your path with dyslexia can be difficult but it seems like your daughter is well on her way in her dyslexic journey. I would love to hear what she thinks of the shows and if she found them useful.




  2. Trev says:

    yes thanks Carla, I can definitely relate to that


  3. ray staines says:

    H Sean,
    Thanks for creating these pod casts. They are important. I am only up to episode 2 so far but this one is so very pertinent to me that I wanted to write. I did not find out my dyslexia until the age of 39 when I went to collage as a mature student. As “aha!” moments go it was a pretty big one! At age 57 my story is quite a long one so I will cut it as short as I can. At my first busy inner city school I was “different” and it was recommended that I see a psychologist. Parental response: “Nah, nothing wrong with the boy, hes just not that bright academically” ! Well, I will never know if that was a missed opportunity or not, but my behavior, and my relationships to others certainly didn’t improve. The only way I could fit in was to “get in with the wrong crowd” so to speak…cut to later…drugs, alcohol and a severe psychotic episode including 6 months in a mental hospital. In my case there is a very clear link between dyslexia and mental health, and I believe it bears investigation. Anyway, I spent many years on the mend and created a life that sidestepped the issues (which were of course hidden from me since i didn’t know i was dyslexic)..self employment in the practical line (carpenter, yacht skipper etc) …cut to now…for various reasons (cut cut cut) I now find myself working for a large retail corporation and its JUST LIKE RETURNING to that large secondary modern where I developed the seeds of my mental illness. I am trying to see this as a huge opportunity to learn. As a necessary step in that learning process I have started to trawl the internet for the stories of others…and that’s how I found your work. I am not sure where this is leading me but the reawakening of my original problems aught to be channeled along useful lines this time…maybe I can extract enough meaning from my story to help others, like myself and Trev?


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