There are currently three audio podcasts that make up the Codpast network. Choose the one that suits you the best or listen to them all. The choice is yours.

Codpast_Artwork_720x720The Codpast:

This is our flagship show; the one that started it all. The Codpast features some of the most interesting Dyslexics around and in each show our interviewees recalling stories that inspire, amaze and entertain you. In the world of The Codpast Dyslexia is not as a disability but as an epic super power.

A new episode of The Codpast is released every first Monday of the month.

Click here to listen to The Codpast.

Audio Blog Album Cover - 2800x2800Audioblog:

Pushed for time? Then this is the show for you. Shorter than The Codpast, but just as thought provoking. Each Audioblog is a mini documentary profiling some of the most epic dyslexic stories around.

Click here to listen to Audioblog.

CP Book Review 2800x2800Bookblog:

This one’s for all you Dyslexic bookworms. If you wanna keep up to date with what’s, what on the literacy scene, but can’t face the Dyslexia Kryptonite (i.e. pages and pages of daunting text) Bookblog is the place where you’ll get the lowdown on the best Audiobooks releases old and new.

Click here to listen to BookBlog.


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